LED POSTER P1.9 / P2.5 / P3
Alnıtak Taglig Led Panel
Our Alnitak series as innovative products from the digitalized world and is suitable for use n many areas with its digital roll-up design that can be used instead of roll ups.

Alnitak can provide high-resolution visuals and be used everywhere with its attach-operate property. It allows for the exhibition of all products without taking up inside or in front of stores, at expositions, and in showcases.

It can easily send data from a telephone or computer over WiFi or a USB connection and can add pictures or video. Combined LED posters can be used as a single large screen. Suitable for indoor use.

General Properties

  • High Resolution
  • Vibrant and Quality Image
  • Easy Service
  • Easily Portable, Fine Chic Design

Technical Properties

Pixel P1.9 P2.5 P3
Led Type SMD1010 SMD2020 SMD2020
Brightness 900nits/m2 1200nits/m2 1200nits/m2
Refresh Rate 3840Hz 3840Hz 1920Hz
Driving Method 1/26 1/32 1/16
Module Size 250x250 160x160 192x92
Module Resolution 132x132 100X100 100X100
Cabinet Size 600x1950 640x1920 576x1920
Pixel Density 278784 160000 111111
Max. Power 440 440 500
Avg. Power 240 240 300
IC Driver MBI5153 MBI5153 MBI5124
Module Per Cabinet 39 48 30
Weight Cabinet 22 Kg 22 Kg 22 Kg
Colors 281 Trillion 281 Trillion 281 Trillion
Min. Viewing Distance 1.5 mt 2 mt 2 mt
Horizontal Viewing Angle  140 140 140
Vertical Viewing Angle 140 140 140
Led Lifetime 100.000 hours 100.000 hours 100.000 hours
Input Voltage 110-240V 110-240V 110-240V
Operation Temprature --40+ 70 ºC --40+ 70 ºC --40+ 70 ºC
Ingress Proyection IP54 IP54 IP54
Gray Level 65536 65536 65536
Alnıtak Örnek Uygulama

Areas Of Application

• Car Show • Shopping Mall • Opera House • Theme Resort • House Of Worship • Monitoring Command And Control Center • Reception Hall • Fashion Store / Show • Theatre Stage Design • Wedding • High-Level Video Conferencing • Window Display • Airport • DJ Touring